About Us

About Us

business Enhanced is driven by a singular tenet, of driving growth within our client portfolio. This is achieved by integrating ourselves within our client organizations, working with them as their extended partner and team and critically being accountable for our services by operating in a result oriented manner.

In today’s dynamic, fast-paced markets, both emerging and evolved businesses face stiff competition and a number growth challenges. Our team of passionate, motivated professionals help you make informed decisions and resolve your most critical business problems. Irrespective of the challenge, we focus on delivering critical insights and accountable results.

Our core expertise is in identifying solutions for any business challenges and implementing them to achieve desired topline & bottom-line growth. We also provide marketing services, while we transcend across the functionalities/ business platform, depending on the challenges faced by our client. This may include poor business performance, supply chain management, project management, trouble shooting, setting up the marketing, business development and sales functions. In these scenarios, we help in identifying the problem and subsequently facilitate the requisite solutions / interventions with the help of domain experts from within our business ecosystem.




Director-Strategy & Planning

Master strategist & veteran, his core competence is in the areas of sales, channel efficiency and profitability enhancement



Director-Process Specialization

Expert in number crunching, systems & process analysis. He identifies invisible problems, and deliver suitable interventions for better bottom-line



Director and CEO

An ace marketing and sales strategist, thinks on his feet, strives and bring in quick resolutions to every challenges and situations

Director & Mentor



“Make more profits,
simultaneously increase ROI
and cash flow”

A business veteran and Marketing Guru, having over 30 years of relevant experience and expertise at CXO/board level, spread across a number of multinational corporates and family run Indian companies. His domain expertise pans into sectors such as FMCG, Education, Health care, Industrial products, Two wheeler industry etc.

He mentors Team “business enhanced” and its client interventions, within the space of strategy, marketing and sales. He facilitates “breakthrough improvements” that are rooted in a robust fitment between the industry dynamics and the company reality. This helps our clients achieve a quantum jump in their performance level that are sustainable.


Companies, which are on a high growth trajectory facing a set of challenges or those that are wanting to grow better than the industry average or when they hit a glass ceiling in terms of their business growth, end up requiring external assistance in dealing with those special circumstances.

At business Enhanced, we will help you identify and resolve those conditions where interventions are needed through appropriate strategic solutions, for any enterprise to achieve its goals and
flourish to its full potential.

Additionally, through a combination of strategic marketing and sales initiatives, we help our clients significantly ramp-up their business and achieve exponential growth, in a cost-efficient manner.

What’s limiting your growth?

Every business, during its growth -whatever scale that may be- would end up having situations that requires special attention and interventions. This often demands expertise that aren’t available within the organisation, leading to outsourcing talents that can overcome these challenges in a time bound and responsible manner. Question is that have you been able to identify those challenges, which aren’t allowing the company from achieving its potential?

  • Are you quicker in your supplies compared to competition?
  • Is your sales team effective in selling your capabilities?
  • Are you attracting enough customers to buy your products/ services?
  • Do you get the maximum from your existing capacities/ resources?
  • Can all companies invest, attract, retain and sustain employees, viably to deal with circumstances that are challenging, yet temporary?
  • Will the talent sensitize and adapt to the mindset, demands, challenges and ethos of the organization and situations?
  • Can the promoters improvise themselves and function as interventional specialists, when they themselves may be responsible for the situation at hand?

If you are in the affirmative on any one or more of these points above, it’s evident that you need to act quickly and reign over the issues that are negatively impacting the company growth.