About Us


business Enhanced is driven by a singular tenet, of driving growth within our client portfolio. This is achieved by integrating ourselves within our client organizations, working with them as their extended partner and team and critically being accountable for our services by operating in a result oriented manner.

In today’s dynamic, fast-paced markets, both emerging and evolved businesses face stiff competition and a number growth challenges. Our team of passionate, motivated professionals help you make informed decisions and resolve your most critical business problems. Irrespective of the challenge, we focus on delivering critical insights and accountable results.

Our core expertise is in identifying solutions for any business challenges and implementing them to achieve desired topline & bottom-line growth. We also provide marketing services, while we transcend across the functionalities/ business platform, depending on the challenges faced by our client. This may include poor business performance, supply chain management, project management, trouble shooting, setting up the marketing, business development and sales functions. In these scenarios, we help in identifying the problem and subsequently facilitate the requisite solutions / interventions with the help of domain experts from within our business ecosystem.