“Content is king” was the words spoken by the great Microsoft founder, Bill Gates in 1996. Digital strategy has come a long way since that day. In 1996, there was no Facebook and twitter and Askjeeves was the most trending search engine. People blindly following this quote have been the reason for their failed digital strategies. In today’s volatile market, it is pure ignorance to think that content is the only king. Though content is certainly important, relying on it alone won’t help you connect with your target audience. You need to add certain elements into this mantra to experience success with it once again. Let us look at some of the reasons that prove that content is no longer king.


1) An overdose of quality articlesWith the advent of Facebook and twitter and other social media sites, there are around 2 million blog posts uploaded every day and they are shared through social media like crazy. Most of this content is of top quality and they never get read. A lot of companies are facing similar problems as their content is buried amongst millions of other content. This is proof that how quality content can get lost in today’s world. 

2) Content Reach

Great content is amazing. It certainly gives you an upper hand with connecting with your audience. Great content motivates people, sparks their creativity and pushes them towards action. Sounds great, right? Yes, but all of this counts to nothing without reach. In today’s world, content engagement is decided on the number of visits to your link. But this concept can be tricky. There is a big difference between visiting a link and actually seeing or reading your content.


The real challenge starts when your audience actually engages with your content. If your target audience is accessing content through a mobile phone and your website does not support mobile devices then your “king” becomes a mere common man. Moving forward article positioning, call to action, headlines all play a very important role. Many experiments have been conducted wherein decent quality content with excellent reach, conversion and relevance have experienced better results than only using quality content.


3) Audience is king

Today’s audience have a wide variety of options to choose content from. They will only digest content that most relevant and useful to them. You need to focus on the factors that gain their attention rather than just focusing on quality of the content alone. The truth about today’s content marketing is that packaging and analytics plays a crucial role.  They can increase the effectiveness of your digital strategy by 100% and highly improve its effectiveness.


4) Sad truth – Average content can be successful

Yes, we need to accept the fact that catchy content is experiencing immense success in today’s world. Facebook’s algorithm actually prefers this type of content and marketers are leveraging its power. They take top content from Reddit and infuse it with catchy headlines and introductions and post it on facebook. Now they are not 3000-word articles filled with great content but catch your attention and make you laugh for 10 seconds. They make a lot of money through Adsense and give proof to the fact that sometimes good content is not required to be successful.


5) Context

Quality content without context is like giving an excellent speech to a crowd full of deaf people. Context is the inherent intent which exists in the heart of the content. Content is the way through which you subconsciously plant that intent in the minds of the readers. Valuable context gives you the power to grab readers’ attention and make him invest in the value that you are providing. It helps you build trust and confidence towards your brand. Context is empowering, without it no matter how good your content is, it will always turn out to be boring and dull. So combine your goals with the expectations of your audience and you give birth to a new king.


6) Content is prince

The new king and queen are research and promotion.  The times have changed in today’s digital word. Apart from concentrating on quality content, one needs to collaborate with the research and promotion teams. With the right strategy and coordination, your content will stand out great value and context from the rest of the world.


The greatest lesson one can keep in mind in today’s world is that audience is the key to success. They are the ultimate consumers and all strategies formulated should be with their satisfaction in mind. So finally content is just a means towards achieving your final goal. It is rather an important part of a puzzle along with various other elements that are useful in achieving digital marketing success.