How does business enhanced function to fulfill its service offerings?

Marketing plan development is an immersive function for which we need to integrate ourselves fully within the client organisation. Our work methodology necessitates that we work off premise in our office where research and marketing strategies are conceived and marketing plans developed. For the marketing plan implementation our team works from within our client offices for administering the marketing plan.



What value can business enhanced provide in the scenario where the client already has a full fledged marketing team in place?

There are instances when the client’s marketing team may be facing bandwidth issues by being preoccupied with current marketing activities which may hamper them from focusing on growth strategies or future expansion and diversification plans for the organisation. There are also instances when existing strategies may have been exhausted and there is a need for a fresh perspective. Furthermore, there may be a void due to the absence of an experienced and senior marketing head within the organisation that could drive the current team. Such scenarios demand the service offerings of business enhanced.



Does business enhanced become a permanent entity within a client organization?

We at business enhanced firmly believe that our service offerings are to set our client onto a growth trajectory and once this is achieved we help our clients to identify and recruit marketing professional or a team to drive the marketing function within the organization. This is part of our succession planning within our client organization.



How would It be commercially viable for a start up organization to engage with business enhanced?

Our growth is linked to our client’s growth and hence we have a flexible commercial structure that facilitates an early stage company to engage with us.



What if the promised results are not achieved?

The yearly marketing stategy, planning and implementation program is done on a month on month evaluation and course correction where ever necessary. This efficient and careful approach almost mitigates any element of failures.



How is the performance of business enhanced measured?

We believe in empowering our clients with performance evaluation metrics. KRA’s (Key Result Areas) are defined and mutually agreed upon with the client and we are evaluated against them on a periodic basis.



Which are the focus sectors for business enhanced?

We have a sector agnostic approach and are versatile to offer our services to any industry sector.



Are the services of business enhanced restricted to certain geographies?

Our services can be availed by clients from any geographical market. Our current focus is on the Indian market and we have plans of expanding our operations to overseas markets in the near future.



Explain who could be business enhanced clients?

We are currently focused on providing marketing outsourced function to a mid sized companies having a to of Rs 50-1000 corers. However for the SME sector, we are having a
platform for marketing support and guidance called organization for SME development(OSMED).



Business enhanced outsources any other function other that marketing?

While our current focus is on Marketing, we are already testing our new model “ Sales Outsourcing Program.”