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Why you may need us?
Companies, at times, arrive at a juncture where they hit a glass ceiling in terms of their business growth. At business enhanced, we identify value in the highest-growth areas of your enterprise and develop strategies to act upon. Through a combination of strategic marketing initiatives, we help our clients significantly ramp-up their business and achieve exponential growth, in a cost-efficient manner. In today’s dynamic, fast-paced markets, both emerging and evolved businesses face stiff competition. Our team of passionate, motivated professionals help you make informed decisions and solve your most critical business problems, particularly pertaining to marketing and sales. Irrespective of the challenge, we focus on delivering critical insights and accountable results. While our core domain expertise and service offering is “marketing services”, we also transcend across functionalities depending on the challenges faced by our client. This may include setting up the business development and sales function, financial management and financial restructuring or concerns regarding human resources. In these scenarios, we help in identifying the problem and facilitate the requisite solutions / interventions with the help of reliable domain experts from within our business ecosystem.

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Engagement With Clients
We wholly integrate and internalize ourselves within your organization. By gaining in depth knowledge of the company’s vision, goals and processes, we analyze the strengths of your business, identify key differentiators for your brand, and implement operational and marketing strategies to steer your company’s performance towards its goals. Through an in-depth analysis of our client’s business, its competition at large and market conditions, we provide timely and insightful data-driven intelligence. If you are looking at scaling towards a market-leader position, gaining improved sources of revenue and experiencing measurable growth, look no further! The insights unravelled by our team of professionals help us arrive at a gap analysis for your business. We identify the highest priorities for your business and shortcomings if any, our solutions help you quantify the initiatives and means that will aid in growth opportunities. On the basis of this, we develop a holistic marketing strategy which could range from augmenting the current business and marketing processes to identifying new markets and niche product offerings.

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Marketing Program
Our solutions are tailor-made, based on a precise understanding of the client’s business. We work closely with the promoters and integrate our service offerings within the organization and implement suitable solutions that address a number of marketing challenges. These focused interventions are stitched into the marketing process and program, which act as a true catalyst for client’s top line growth. At business enhanced, we understand and relate to the real-world needs of marketing within these midsized companies be it fast paced, stagnant or troubled. We plan and create effective go-to market strategies, operational business / marketing plan that get implemented in a time bound manner. This marketing implementation program gets monitored, evaluated at strat team level, routinely. The cutting-edge marketing solutions generate competitive advantage for our clients that produce measurable results. Our vibrant business model builds in circuit breakers that enable suitable course correction in the marketing / business plan that’s getting implemented. No matter what the challenges are, we provide strategic and operational advisory and implementation that help clients to achieve reasonable and desired sales targets.

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Program Evaluation
As client’s business partners, we constantly gauge and evaluate the
performance of clients marketing plan. By leveraging on analytics and measurement of the ongoing marketing plan execution against the pre-defined qualitative and quantitative evaluation metrics, we evaluate the success of client’s marketing plan, make marketing forecasts and optimize client’s marketing resources on a month-on- month basis in conjunction with the client team. Our aim is to lend complete transparency to client’s marketing processes, define the right outcome for its investments and channel its business resources in the right direction.