Supply Chain/ Distribution Engagement

Supply Chain/ Distribution engagement

Clients may face issues in supply chain and distribution engagement like
  • They have many SKUs overstocked, while many other SKUs are out of stock in various stocking locations
  • SKUs that are out of stock in one stocking location are overstocked elsewhere
  • If not a day passes without emergency orders (in sales and may be in purchase)
  • Having higher levels of non-moving/slow moving stock
  • If transportation costs are mounting on account of frequent inter-warehouse transfers

The inherent simplicity in this environment is to understand the power of aggregation, need to transfer small quantities more frequently and the method to align the entire supply chain to respond to the real customer’s ever changing demands. We offer to deploy replenishment to harmonise the inventory across the supply chain (to minimise no-stocks and also to eliminate excess stocks) that results in improved sales, reduced costs on inventory and enhanced profits for the client organisation.