business enhanced is driven by a singular tenet, of driving growth within our client portfolio. This is achieved by integrating ourselves within our client organizations, working with them as their extended partner and team and critically being accountable for our services by operating in a result oriented manner

Who we are?

A passionate collective of ideators and professionals, business enhanced helps entrepreneurs shape and transform their ventures to achieve their goals – with strategic planning, implementation and execution. The amalgamated experience of our team; across a spectrum of environments, is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. Our services are industry-agnostic and we offer solutions across sectors ranging from startups to established businesses.

How do we work?

Our solutions are tailor-made based on a precise understanding of the client’s business. By working closely with the promoter board of our client’s portfolio and integrating our service offerings within the organisation, we help enterprises identify their highest-advantage goals and address critical roadblocks, translating it into success.

Why us?

It takes an entrepreneur’s mindset to understand an entrepreneur. At business enhanced, we understand and relate to the real-world needs of the go-getter. We realise that there are no writ-in-stone, formulaic processes and practices across industries when it comes to success. Each business comes equipped with its own set of strengths and challenges, and hence, we structure ourselves to make our insights and services commercially viable for you. No matter what the challenge, we provide strategic and operational advisory and implementation that helps you achieve more out your business.

What we do?

We bring in professional acumen backed by an entrepreneurial mindset towards our business portfolios. Offering cutting-edge solutions across the the entire spectrum, we generate competitive advantage for our clients by creating effective go-to market strategies and implementation that produces measurable results.


REACH YOUR POTENTIAL  FASTER AND with increased efficiency

Our solutions aid your marketing goals and provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Marketing Strategies for Startups
Most startups have a strong need for strategies and capabilities that complement their business. We understand the challenges one faces in today’s increasingly competitive environment. By immersing ourselves into the startup, we provide a marketing blueprint that enables you to focus on translating your venture into an impactful business success. This facilitates your bandwidth and focus on your domain expertise rather than grapple with the marketing function complexities.
Turnaround Strategies for Troubled Businesses
Periods of turmoil usually spell high-risk for scalable businesses. To add to this, competition-saturated markets make it all the more challenging to recover from an economic or performance crisis. As a third-party asset, we empower troubled businesses with a plan to identify the problem, stabilise the situation and improve the company’s top-line growth. We help you jumpstart your venture – that you have emotionally and financially invested into.
Sustainable Growth for Emerging Companies
Occasionally, emerging businesses may tend to face a growth plateau. The right insights, marketing strategies and planning can set the course in the right direction. We harness our resources, and leverage on our industry knowledge and experience across varied business verticals  to provide insightful cross-category learnings to create the roadmap for your business.
Strategies for Growth across Mid-Sized Enterprises
Mid-sized companies, at times, arrive at a juncture where they hit a glass ceiling in terms of their business growth. At business enhanced, we identify value in the highest-growth areas of your enterprise and develop strategies to act upon. Through a combination of strategic marketing initiatives, we help you significantly ramp-up your business and achieve exponential growth, in a cost-efficient manner.