Sales and Marketing

business Enhanced (bE) is driven by a singular tenet, of driving growth within its client portfolio. This is achieved by integrating ourselves within our client organizations, as their extended partner and or department of marketing, critically being result oriented and accountable for our services.bE helps stabilise troubled businesses for its clients, through suitable interventions and solutions that are planned, implemented, monitored and course corrected. bE further helps its clients to improvise or expand a particular process, program, service or even the complete business itself. This is achieved through appropriate thinking, reframing policies, deploying suitable applications, supporting them with an ideal IT framework, practicing change management, constantly measuring and reviewing the intervention program for achieving targeted business results. bE works closely with all executives to instil a culture of continuous improvement, thus create and maintain a growth culture within our client organisation.

Who are we

A passionate collective of seasoned experienced ideators and professionals, business Enhanced drives businesses and transform top line and bottom-line growth for its clients through its business intervention/ solutions, besides the marketing strategic planning, implementation, and sales monitoring. The amalgamated experience of our team; across a spectrum of environments, is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. Our services are industry-agnostic and we offer solutions that we implement for our clients across sectors and companies having annual turnover preferably ranging from 50 crores and above. business Enhanced is not a pure play business or marketing advisory but a team that implements, monitor, achieve and measure the recommended solutions, while being prudent with client’s business/marketing investments.


REACH YOUR POTENTIAL FASTER AND with increased efficiency

our solutions aid your business growth and provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage.